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About Wing Chun

Wing Chun is an extreme efficient and effective form of Kung Fu. It focuses on proper structure, straight hitting, and superior positioning to let you deliver the maximum  force in the shortest amount of time.  This is not a modern sport-based martial art that uses flashy and overly complicated moves to score points in a sparring match.  Wing Chun is a straight forward system that can be used to defend yourself and your loved ones if you are ever in a violent situation.   The increased popularity of wing chun has been fueled by the recent release of the Ip Man Wing Chun movies.

Wing Chun consists of a series of empty hand forms, weapon forms, and the wooden dummy form.  The wooden dummy, called a Mook Yan Jong, is a unique device that allows the Wing Chun practioner to perfect his techniques against a partner that never complains about getting hit. Training on the wooden dummy should always be done with control and purpose. It is not a conditioning tool that you should use to show how fast or how tough you are. It is a tool that is designed to hone your skills and make your Kung Fu better.